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Effyies CEO Launches SIG with Dynamic Talk on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Integration


26 Dec 2022

CEO of Effyies Smart Technologies inaugurates Special Interest Group (SIG) with a powerful talk on ‘Connecting Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning’

JKKN College of Engineering and Technology recently welcomed the Chief Executive Officer of Effyies Smart Technologies as the guest speaker for the inauguration of their Special Interest Group (SIG). The event took place on December 26th, 2022 and focused on the topic of "Connecting Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning."

The CEO began her talk by providing a historical perspective on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its pioneers, including John McCarthy and Alan Turing. She then went on to explain the five areas of AI and provided real-life examples of each. The students were particularly interested in her discussion of natural language processing and its applications in chatbots and virtual assistants.

The CEO then shifted her focus to Data Science and shared her experience of using data to run a business. She emphasized the importance of data-driven decisions and how they can lead to better decision making and improved business performance.

Finally, the CEO discussed Machine Learning and provided a simplified explanation of the linear regression algorithm. She used a real-life example of predicting house prices to demonstrate the concept of supervised learning and its types like classification and regression. The students were eager to learn more about how Machine Learning can be applied in various fields.

The students and faculty were highly engaged during the talk and had many questions and thoughts to share. The CEO received positive feedback from both students and faculty. We are proud to have such a knowledgeable and experienced CEO.

In conclusion, the CEO of Effyies Smart Technologies provided valuable insights on the topic of "Connecting Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning" at the inauguration of the Special Interest Group at JKKN College of Engineering and Technology. The event was a great success and the students and faculty have gained a deeper understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

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