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Only Secret for Success; Try this and reap benefits in three months!


God gives you talent by birth but practice makes you skilled in the talented area. Identifying your talents and realizing your purpose of life is the key to success which is treated as highest level of Self-awareness. Trying to gain knowledge and skill in untalented area leads to crystallized intelligence (can only remember and recall the gained information), but lack fluid intelligence (ability to solve problems by applying gained knowledge). Selecting right area to gain knowledge and skill based on self-awareness is true intelligence. Inability to apply the gained knowledge for solving problem is failure in life. How will you access your level of success in your life journey? Truly, that depends on your ability to move from practical intelligence (ability to apply acquired knowledge to solve day to day life issues using common sense) to analytical intelligence (ability to device a procedure for solving issue in a systematic way) and then to creative intelligence (ability to device a novel solution through out of box thinking). Effyies is in the process of developing algorithms which gives machines the capacity to realize its purpose, acquire knowledge, develop skill and accelerate self transformation from practical intelligence to creative intelligence through analytical intelligence duplicating natural/true intelligence. This drives industries, power sectors and homes towards autonomy from digitization & automation phase. The secret of success is switch over to IIAS of Effyies and reap its benefits in three months time.

Integrated Intelligent Autonomy System (IIAS):

The integrated intelligent autonomy system does the following:

(1) it makes decisions, given a set of planned options;

(2) it perceives and interprets the meaning of sensed information;

(3) it diagnoses machine-level problems detected through monitoring; and

(4) it collaborates with other systems using communications networks and protocols.

Following is a descriptive list of the various tools that comprise the elements of an IIAS developed by Effyies.

Operation Autonomy Tool (OAT): It has machine perception apart from traditional sensors. Machine perception comprises of machine vision, machine hearing, machine touch and machine olfaction. Processing and value creation of incoming data is done using AI integrated deep learning model embedded at the machine end. In case information from other machine is required the information is gathered instantly by an intelligent agent by contacting the agent of the concerned machine. The decision that must be implemented in other machines is communicated to concerned OAT by the agent. Maintenance and fault prediction is also done by AI algorithm and communicated to operator console through one stop monitoring tool. The intelligent decision to be implemented in same machine is exercised through controllers and activators.

Energy Management Tool: This tool is needed for cutting down energy cost and carbon footprint and for increasing reliability, stability, and sustainability of electric supply system. This predicts the generation from intermittent energy sources like solar and wind in advance along with varying load demand. Using above data intelligent load scheduling is executed balancing generation and demand without affecting critical load and consumer comfort.

One Stop Monitoring (OSM) Tool: It implements Integrated Intelligent Autonomous System (IIAS) using multi-agents. This provides high level objectives by goal-based agent, rules of engagement by model-based agents, operational constrain by learning agent, recovery action by utility-based agents and decides the sequence of actions to be performed by reflux agent for achieving IIAS mission based on the inputs received from OATs and EMT at regular interval or under contingencies and communicate the same to OATs/PQ mitigation device/fault protection system/operator console.

Unique Selling Point:

Effyies offers “Meta Intelligent Solution” which means we transcend beyond the limits of intelligence to find the ultimate top-notch solutions for the hassles of the world. We offer unique Meta technologies like:

  1. Super intelligence: Our algorithms can reprogram on their own recursively to gain intelligence continuously leading to intelligence explosion.

  2. Edge Computing: Instead of a centralized cloud our system uses decentralized edge computing technology to offer real-time or near to real-time solutions.

  3. Autonomy: Though the words sound similar, the gap between automation and autonomy is a kind of chasm. Automation generally means “a process performed without human assistance”, while autonomy implies “satisfactory performance under significant uncertainties in the environment and the ability to compensate for system failures without external intervention.”

  4. Block Chain: The platforms designed by Effyies adopts a novel strategy for integrating block chain technology with cloud computing to achieve improved privacy and security compared to current way of integration.

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