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Revolutionizing Power Quality: AI Insights in New Book

Effyies Smart Technologies founders, Dr. T. Ruban Deva Prakash and Achshah R M, have recently published a groundbreaking book titled "Artificial Intelligence in Power Quality Improvement."

Artificial Intelligence Book
IntelliBin2Compost Indian Patent

Effyies Unveils Game-Changing Waste Management Solution: IntelliBin2Compost

Effyies Smart Technologies is excited to announce the launch of its patented waste management solution, IntelliBin2Compost. This groundbreaking product is set to transform the way we handle solid waste, offering a more efficient and sustainable approach to waste disposal.

Effyies: Market Research Fore Recognizes as Key Player in Predictive Maintenance Software Market

Effyies Smart Technologies, a leader in the field of predictive maintenance software, has been named as one of the top key players in the market by Market Research Fore.

Effyies featured in Market Research Fore on LinkedIn
Effyies CEO talks about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Effyies CEO Launches SIG with Dynamic Talk on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Integration

JKKN College of Engineering and Technology recently welcomed the Chief Executive Officer of Effyies Smart Technologies as the guest speaker for the inauguration of their Special Interest Group (SIG).

Effyies: Among CIO Insider Magazine's Top 10 Industry 4.0 Solution Providers 2023

This recognition is a dream come true for Effyies Smart Technologies, who has been at the forefront of developing and delivering cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions to businesses around the world.

Effyies shortlisted in Insider Magazine for Industry 4.0 solutions
IntelliBin2Compost Waste Management Highlights

IntelliBin2Compost: Waste to Gold Transformation

Effyies Smart Technologies is proud to introduce IntelliBin2Compost, a game-changing solution that revolutionizes waste management. With its cutting-edge features and sustainable approach, IntelliBin2Compost is set to transform the way we handle waste, benefiting both the environment and society.

IntelliBin2Compost: Empowering Swachh Bharat Mission for a Greener and Smarter City

Effyies Smart Technologies is proud to present IntelliBin2Compost, an innovative solution that aligns seamlessly with India's Swachh Bharat Mission.

Effyies IntelliBin2Compost launching soon
Effyies on India's G20 Presidency

AGI: Empowering India's G20 Presidency for Sustainability and Inclusiveness

Effyies Smart Technologies founders, Dr. T. Ruban Deva Prakash and Achshah R.M., have published a thought-provoking paper titled "Artificial General Intelligence: A Catalyst for Achieving India's G20 Presidency Goals of Sustainability and Inclusiveness."

Effyies Smart Technologies: Innovating for Sustainable Development

Effyies Smart Technologies is revolutionizing the way we approach sustainability with its two cutting-edge products: the Integrated Intelligent Autonomous System for Smart Homes and the Intelligent Composter for Waste Management System.

Effyies innovating for sustainable development
Effyies signing MOU with JKKN College

Effyies and JKKN College: Fostering Collaboration in Technology and Engineering

Effyies Smart Technologies is delighted to announce its partnership with JKKN College of Engineering and Technology, marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in March 2023.

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