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Join the Green Revolution!

Introducing our state-of-the-art solution for efficient waste segregation and composting. Get your hands on our Intelligent Composter today and make your community cleaner and greener!

Smart Waste Segregation

Our machine vision technology accurately separates organic and inorganic waste for proper disposal.

AI-Controlled Composting

Integrated AI optimizes composting conditions for rapid decomposition of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost.


Runs on renewable solar energy, reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

Clean City app

Enables visitors and compost collection trucks to easily locate bin while providing authorities with a monitoring system for efficient waste management.

The story behind IntelliBin2Compost begins with the founders of Effyies on their journey through urban areas in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, India. Witnessing the challenges of overflowing waste bins, manual waste segregation, landfills, and the associated issues of bad odors and aesthetics, the founders couldn't help but question why waste management in India, despite the efforts of the Swachh Bharat Mission, still faced significant flaws. Inspired by this realization, they embarked on a mission to revolutionize waste management and introduced the innovative solution, IntelliBin2Compost. With a deep commitment to creating a cleaner and greener India, IntelliBin2Compost aims to transform the way waste is handled, promoting efficient waste segregation, reducing landfill waste, and harnessing the power of composting. Through their dedication and vision, the founders of Effyies have paved the way for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future with IntelliBin2Compost.

Our Story


The design of IntelliBin2Compost is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Sleek and compact, its modern form seamlessly integrates into any urban environment, enhancing the overall appeal of public spaces. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls, the design ensures effortless operation for both users and waste management professionals. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the durable materials that withstand harsh weather conditions to the innovative sensor technology that optimizes waste management processes. IntelliBin2Compost's design is not just about appearance; it embodies efficiency, convenience, and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Pedal Unit

 Pedal Unit features a user-friendly manual pedal arrangement for easy waste disposal.

Dump Unit

Dump Unit has a rotating blade system to tear garbage bags, elevate solid waste, and drop down sand or dust.

Shredder Unit

Shredder Unit crushes non-plastic waste into small sizes for easy digestion

Segregation Unit

Segregation Unit includes a conveyor unit, robo unit with a mini robotic arm, smart camera, and plastic tray for efficient waste segregation.

Digester Unit

Digester Unit creates an optimal environment for bacterial growth, converting organic waste into compost.

Technical Specification


The composter comes in two sizes: 

200 Kg

Residential Areas & Large Organizations

30 Kg

Homes & Small Organizations


IntelliBin2Compost 3
IntelliBin2Compost 4
IntelliBin2Compost 5
IntelliBin2Compost 5
IntelliBin2Compost 1
IntelliBin2Compost 2
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